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Mighty Bow - Calendar 2016

Archery in japanese woodcuts.

13 pages with Ukiyo-e of the 19th century.
There is no other country, where the bows and arrows are so entwined in its culture, history, religion and mythoilogy. You see their importance in Japanese literature, drama and in the arts. The calendar "Mighty BOW" collects 12 triptychs from the German book:
Die Macht des Bogens - Japanische Bogenschützen im Spiegel alter Holzschnitte
von Johannes Haubner, ISBN 978-3-938921-34-0 12
Haubner‘s unique masterpiece tells the story of these and 178 more Japanese woodcuts - all covering archery themes.

Also available in German: Die Macht des Bogens - Kalender 2016
ISBN: 978-3-938921-41-8
Calendar with 13 pages, 42 x 30 cm, Landscape format
Preis only 4,99 €