Flint Art 2017

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FLINT, aka firestone, chert, silex
Comes from Old High German word flins, that means as much as “stone, pebble, rock” and traces back to the root [s]plei for “to split”.

After having been used for Millions of years, in the 21st Century flint has disappeared from most people´s sight. Only a small band of enthusiasts, among them many archaeologists, but also crafters, stick to the ancient traditions of flintknapping and try to keep them alive. They meet at annual symposia and cultivate an intensive exchange of knowledge. Wulf Hein was allowed to photograph their most beautiful/best liked items for this calendar. 

  15 flint knappers: archaeologists and craftsmen show a lot of tools like blades, daggers, arrow points, and hatchets - all made out of flint.

Photographer: Wulf Hein

ISBN 978-3-938921-43-2, Din A-3, 13 pages

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