The Power of the Bow

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The History of Japanese Archery as mirrored in Ancient Woodcut Prints
By Johannes Haubner

There is almost no other country in the world where bows are more closely intertwined with history and culture than in Japan. The bow is not only a means to hunt animals and defeat enemies, but it also plays a significant role in Japan's mythology and popular belief when children are born, diseases are to be healed, demons expelled, and good harvests secured. The bow is even attributed the power to transmit messages from the gods and predict the future.
About 190 magnificent and expressive woodblock prints from the 19th century illustrate historical events, and take the reader on a foray through Japan's mythology and intellectual history. Bow rituals, competitions, and ceremonies are depicted, legendary archers are portrayed and their exploits are told. Along the way, the influence of Shintoism, Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism on Japanese archery is described. 
The Power of the Bow is an illustrated reader for all bow lovers and all friends of Japanese culture and history.

The author, Dr. Johannes Haubner, has studied and practised Kyūdō, the traditional art of Japanese archery, for about thirty years. He is a member of the German Kyudo Federation (DKyuB), led a series of Kyūdō courses, and published several essays on Kyūdō-related topics. But not least, his enthusiasm for woodblock prints of Ukiyo-e artists made him delve deeper into Japan's mythology, history, and culture.

264 coloured pages, Landscape 21 x 27 cm, Softcover

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